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Artwork Guide 44mm Circle Button Badge

We will be using your artwork to fill your order - The badges will only be as good as any artwork supplied. Remember the size of the badge will determine how much artwork will be visible and legible. Very intricate designs or too many words on small badges are not usually a good idea.

When designing your badge you must also take into account the following: The Cutline, the Bleed and the Safe/Viewing Area. The cutline is the area outlined in black, it's our guideline to cut out the badge. The Bleed is the red highlight area indicating the part between the Cutline and the edge of the badge. We do not recommend your “readable” artwork extends into the bleed area. Background pictures or colours should form part of the bleed area.

The blue outline is the Safe/Viewing area or zone where your “legible” artwork may be placed. (See fig. 1)


Fig. 1 Our Measurements Guideline for Circle Button Badge Template

Guidelines on how to design your badge:


Step 1
Open up any graphics editing program and when you are prompted to set up a new page, you set the scale/measurements to the same as the Cutline provided in the above (54mm x 54mm). (See Fig. 2)

Fig. 2 Page & Dimensions Setup



Step 2
You now select your shape selection tool (Ellipse Tool) and select the circle making tool, draw a circle that fits exactly in the stage or canvas area. I.e. The circle fills up the entire page. (See fig. 3)

Fig. 3 Circle Cutline Template


Step 3
Now you make another smaller circle and go into the properties section and set its diameter to 40mm. You must also centre the smaller circle exactly in the centre of the page, within the larger circle. Note. Use gridlines or rulers to aid you if necessary. (See fig. 4)

Fig. 4 Circle Safe Area Template


Step 4
Add your viewable artwork (within the Safe Area) and your background. (See fig. 5)

NOTE: Artwork in image file formats requires decent resolution pictures.

Fig. 5 Your Artwork


Step 5
You must position your legible artwork in the centre within the blue safe line. (See fig. 6)If your artwork has a background you can choose to have the background right up to the black cutline.

Fig. 6 Your Artwork within Template

Step 6
You now delete the smaller circle as well as any graphic aid or measurement guidelines, (See fig. 7) and go File>Save As and changes the File Type to: Adobe PDF (See fig. 8). Note. Make sure all marks and bleeds are switched off.

Presto that is it and now you can email us the PDF and we may proceed making your badges.

Fig. 7 Your Finalised Badge


Fig. 8 Saving PDF output


Downloadable PDF Templates & Instructions


Round Pin Button Badgse

Artwork Guide 25mm Circle Button Badge.pdf

Artwork Guide 37mm Circle Button Badge.pdf

Artwork Guide 58mm Circle Button Badge.pdf

Artwork Guide 75mm Circle Button Badge.pdf


Please bear in mind that we do our best to match colours but the digital printing process might alter some colours. Also, what a colour looks like on a brightly lit computer screen won't be exactly the same on a button badge. On big orders, please request a sample badge for you to approve the colours. If you would like exact colour matching we can quote you to have the printing done on litho machines or you can have them printed by your own printer / agency (Please ask us for specifications).